- Let me have a word with them.
- No, please!

Tamara, about this drug testing.
It's not your fault.

Administration's been
planning it for months.

Look, if anyone bothers you,
I want you to come to me, okay?

I'm sorry about the paper.
I just wanted to encourage you.

It's made so many people mad.
Nobody liked me before...

That's not true. I like you.
I'm sure a lot
of other people do too.

High school can be tough.
Just be strong.

''This too shall pass.''
Are you using famous literary
quotes to make me feel better?

I'm an English teacher.
Famous quotes are my arsenal.

- Is it working?
- Yes, I guess.

You've got a lot going for you,
Miss Riley. Let people see it.

You're very special.
You just have to find your place
in the world.

- Tamara, it's fine. It's fine.
- I'm so stupid.

No, Tamara. It's...