- I should've told him right away.
- It's not your fault.

Yes. He took the easy way out.
Would you listen to yourselves?
You are so busy...
trying to clear your conscience,
you don't get it.

This is our fault. All of it.
Don't be so hard
on yourselves. Accidents happen.

Actually, I want to thank you.
Because of you, I'm not that
scared, insecure girl I was.

Now I know what I want.
Tamara, we need
to talk about what happened.

We didn't know what they planned.
They said it was a party.

Yes, it was Patrick's idea.
- Dick! It was yours.
- It doesn't matter. It happened.

And what we did after
was inexcusable.

- I don't want excuses.
- What do you want?

You'll see.
You guys,
what did she mean by that?

What was that shit
about it being my idea?

Shut up.
Maybe she just wants
to forget all this.

You seriously believe that?
Why not? You and I
were always nice to her.

Yes, until we buried her
in the woods.

How do we even know it was
really her? I mean, look at her.

- What if that magic...
- Don't start with that again.

You know, enough!
Something happened
in those woods.

I'm gonna find out what.
Here it is.
What if she's still here?