I've changed
because I want to be pleased.

Do you have any suggestions
on pleasing me, Teach?

- Tamara, stop.
- Do you want me to?

- You should leave.
- Should I?

I love my wife.
Well, aren't you loyal?
But it's only a matter of time,
Bill. I know you want me.

I can see how much.
Hi, Tamara. Come on in.
I'm sorry
I missed you last night.

Don't worry. Mr. Natolly made me
feel much better.

I know. But let's talk about you.
- You want to analyze me?
- I want to know how you're doing.

Roger's death came
as a tremendous shock.

The whole thing's got me thinking
about what's really important.

You know, like finding true love,
having a family...

You're so young. You've got
your whole life ahead of you.

I'm afraid to end up
in my thirties...

and find myself in a marriage
not as happy as it used to be...

worried it's my fault for I can't
give my husband what he wants.

And even though I like
to think I'm strong...

there's a small part of me
that knows...

there are so many hot
young geris who want him.

Is everything all right?