Feet First

Oh, uh, uh, I'm in the, uh,
the leather business.

Oh, that's what they make cows
out of, ain't it?

Heh. Why, certainly not.
That's where
the leather comes from.

They make a lot of things
out of it.

They make shoes and...
That reminds me,
I know a chap you must meet.

Wait a minute. He's a big shoe
and slipper man from the States.

Do you a lot of good.
I have his card here
someplace, now...

Will you look at that?
Lady Pillsbury.
Oh! Lady Pillsbury?
That big bum.
She was way out in front,
and Mexican Pete nosed her out.

Oh, I see.
Lady Pillsbury's a racehorse.

What did you think she was,
a mockingbird?

No, no, uh...
Yes, I met her last night.
To me, Lady Pillsbury...
is one of the most charming
women I have ever met.

Oh, do tell me more about her.
Yes, do tell us.
Just a minute, just a minute.
I want you to meet
a friend of mine.

This is Mr. Edgar Cowhide,
a big leather fellow.

- Why, pleased to meet you.
- Pleased to meet you.

Say, you guys should sort of
get together.

Oh, Charlie, you wait here.
I'm going out and get
a glass of bromo suss...

bromo suss...
A cup of tea. I'll be back.
Yes, uh...
Yes, quite
a droll fellow, huh?

We were just speaking
of Lady Pillsbury.

Oh, really? Hmm.
Yes, she is really
very remarkable.

Well, she was, but not anymore.
Do you know her?
Yes, yes,
oh, I know her well, heh.

Slim legs, brown body,
and a white spot on the head.