Feet First

Oh, no, my gracious,
I couldn't...

Gee, every time I see
a truck driver, I think of you.

Oh, well, uh, you see,
what I mean is, heh...

if it hadn't been for that
particular truck driver...

well, I might not
have ever met you.

Oh, that's different.
That seems a long time ago, too.
Must be all of six months.

Six months, three weeks,
and two days.

- Well!
- Oh...

Well, I'm glad
you did remember, anyway.

Uh, yes.
Gee, but you don't know
what glad really means.

I never thought
a boy like you...

would give a girl like me
a second thought.

A... A boy like me?
Yes. You have so many things
to think about...

golf, bridge, tennis,
so many things.

Oh, yes, well, I, uh...
I do think of them
from time to time.

Of course, I suppose you go in
for golf and tennis a lot.

Oh, no, I haven't the time.
Oh. Oh, well, I understand.
I love an athlete.
You do?
Oh. What's his name?
Oh, no! I mean I admire
the athletic type.

Like yourself.
Like me?
- Yes.
- Oh.

I bet you're a corker at polo.
Oh, well...
I, uh... I never bet.
Oh! What was that?
I guess it was an earthquake.
I'm sorry.
Oh, we're all tangled up.
Hmm? Oh.
Oh, what do you think of that?
I'll get it.

These beads
are such a nuisance.

I shouldn't have worn them.
Oh, I think these are the nicest
beads that I've ever seen.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.