Feet First

Oh, my!
You know, she shouldn't be
allowed in public.

All out of condition.
Fat, flabby...
the old oat burner.

Are you speaking
of the Lady Pillsbury?

Yes, positively.
And listen, take a tip from me
and lay off of this baby.

Heh, why, she should be
pulling a milk wagon.

Well, I shall report that
to the...

I'm awfully sorry.
I'm sure it's been overlooked.

I'll ask him about it
in the morning...

and let you know immediately.
Yes, thank you very much.

Why, hello!
l... l... I didn't think
you'd remember me.

And I thought you had
forgotten all about me.

Oh, no, my gracious,
I couldn't...

Gee, every time I see
a truck driver, I think of you.

Oh, well, uh, you see,
what I mean is, heh...

if it hadn't been for that
particular truck driver...

well, I might not
have ever met you.

Oh, that's different.
That seems a long time ago, too.
Must be all of six months.

Six months, three weeks,
and two days.

- Well!
- Oh...

Well, I'm glad
you did remember, anyway.

Uh, yes.
Gee, but you don't know
what glad really means.

I never thought
a boy like you...

would give a girl like me
a second thought.

A... A boy like me?
Yes. You have so many things
to think about...

golf, bridge, tennis,
so many things.

Oh, yes, well, I, uh...
I do think of them
from time to time.