Feet First

The way things
have been going, well...

anything might happen.
Wouldn't it be a coincidence...
if we both sailed
on the same boat?

It'd be a miracle.
Ooh, old Kid Leather himself.
He knows more about leather than
a husband knows about trouble.

Mr. Tanner, meet Mister, uh...
- Mister, uh...
- Harold.

Harold. Mr. Harold,
Mr. Tanner is a shoemaker.

- Tanner?
- Yes.

I'm very pleased to meet you,
I'm sure.

I'm in the shoe manufacturing

No doubt you've heard
of Tanner Shoe stores.

Oh, yes, sir.
Yes, I've been in them
quite a bit.

This is the young man
I was telling you about.

The one that helped me
with the truck driver.

Oh, yes, you did say
something about that.

Well, this is indeed
a pleasure...

to meet someone
whose interests...

are practically
the same as mine.

Oh, yes, yes, that's right.
Ooh. I gotta get
a bromo switch... a little...

- A peculiar boy.
- Yes.

So, uh, you're
in the leather business, huh?

Oh, yes, yes, yes.
You see, Mr. Tanner...

very few people realize
what leather really is...

and what it means to mankind.
It's leather
in the time of war...

furnishes our horses
with harness...

to pull the cannons,
to conquer our enemies.

Where would Napoleon
have been...

without leather
to make a saddle?

Heh. Why, he would've been
riding bareback.

And then think of shoes.
Could we walk through
snow and slush barefoot?

- No!
- No!

Could we walk
through the desert barefoot?

- No!
- No! A thousand times no!

Why, shoes are the greatest
things in the world.

Heh, we should thank heaven
for shoes, Mr. Tanner.

Quite so, quite so.
Say, you seem
to have made a study of it.