Feet First

But $50,000 is tough.

Those interruptions are, uh,
very annoying, aren't they?

I'm terribly sorry.
Uh, what was it I was, um...
Oh, Mr. Harold, I realize
what it means to be busy.

Oh, yeah.
What? It's a lie!
Hello, hello, hello.
l... oh, look.
There's a big shoot-and-boo man
in there you must meet.

Good, I'm glad to hear it.
Well, how's everything
with you now?

Oh, no, no, I, uh...
- Oh, don't be blashful.
- I'll be right back.

Now, now, please, now, wait.
He seems like
a very bright young fellow.

He must be, to be
in the position he is today.

No, no, no, no, no.
I don't think
I'll go over there.

Well, I'll bring him over here.
Oh, Mr. Endicott...
Mr. Endicott.
I want you to meet Mister...
Mister... s'gone!
Somebody stole my pal!
Somebody stole my pal.
My pal.
- Why, here he is now.
- Eh?

I beg your pardon, sir.
- Here's Charlie.
- Huh?

- Charlie?
- Yes, sir.

Charlie who?
Why, the Charlie
you were asking for.

Oh, well,
that's not the Charlie I mean.

The Charlie I mean,
he walks like this.

Say, what sort of a game
are you playing on me here?

Madam, your instep
is much too beautiful...

to be spoiled
by a short vamp shoe.