Feet First

I want you to meet Mister...
Mister... s'gone!
Somebody stole my pal!
Somebody stole my pal.
My pal.
- Why, here he is now.
- Eh?

I beg your pardon, sir.
- Here's Charlie.
- Huh?

- Charlie?
- Yes, sir.

Charlie who?
Why, the Charlie
you were asking for.

Oh, well,
that's not the Charlie I mean.

The Charlie I mean,
he walks like this.

Say, what sort of a game
are you playing on me here?

Madam, your instep
is much too beautiful...

to be spoiled
by a short vamp shoe.

Do you really think so?
Think so? Why, Madam, if it
were not for the disloyalty...

to my firm, I assure you
I would not allow it...

to be covered by a shoe.
That foot belongs to the statue
of a Greek goddess.

Really? Well, I'll wear these,
and you can send me three pair.

Oh, certainly. Three?
- Four.
- I'll wrap up five pair.

Oh, all right.
And here is the address.

Are you sure
they'll be delivered today?

Madam, the shoes
will be home ahead of you.

Thank you.
Good work. Keep it up.
That's what I mean.
That's personality.

There, that's just
what I'm looking for.

A low cut model with a strap.
Why, that shoe has no strap,
Mrs. Tanner.

Well, that was
most absurd of me.

While you're selecting
your shoes...

I'm going over here
to look for some stockings.

Very well.
Good morning, Monsieur... uh,