Feet First

This, uh...
This is, uh...
one of our latest models
in sportswear.

- Pretty.
- Yes. I hope you like it.

What are you doing?
I beg your pardon. My mistake.
Madame, your instep
is much too beautiful...

to be spoiled
by a short vamp shoe.

- You said that before.
- I repeat it!

Well, it does look rather nice.
On your feet,
any shoe would look lovely.

Even a horseshoe.
I beg your pardon.
I beg your pardon.
I mean that if anyone
deliberately set out to...

they couldn't spoil
the beauty and symmetry...

of a foot like that.
Well, now, that is charming
of you to say that.

Oh, not at all.
It's the truth,
and the truth never hurts.

I'll think I'll have
four pair of those.

Yes, surely.
Oh, never mind the check.
I'll explain to my husband.

I am Mrs. Tanner.
- Mrs. Tanner?
- Yes.

Mrs. John Quincy Tanner?
The same.
Oh, well,
now does that feel comfortable?

Young man, you are insolent.
- Beg your pardon.
- Well, you should.

I am very sorry.
- I didn't mean it.
- No.

I was just a little fussed,

- Yes.
- And, you see...

it's a great honor
to be waiting on Mrs. John...

Well, of course, if you're going
to put it like that.

Now, if you'd stand up,
please, and try those.

Yes, certainly.
I always like to try...