Feet First

I'm so glad
you're going to be onboard.

Oh, yes.
We'll have a glorious time
on the trip to the mainland...

won't we?
Uh, that's right.
Oh, there are the folks.
They'll be glad to see you.
Come on!

Oh, but now...
There's that woman that we met
at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

- Huh? Let's see.
- There.

Aw, you're crazy.
That's not that woman at all.

Now, just what do you mean?
Say, you've got
the funniest complex.

You think you've met
everybody that you see.

Yes? Really?
Look who's here!
- Well!
- Hello.

And what do you think?
He's going with us!

Well, Mr. Harold, now,
it's a pleasure to have you...

with us on the trip.
Oh, this is my wife,
Mrs. Tanner.

This is Mr. Harold.
- Harold. Harold?
- How do you do?

Why, haven't we met
someplace before?

Well, uh, that's
quite possible Mrs. Tanner.

You see, I, uh,
I might have been there.

There you go with that
funny complex of yours again.

She's always mistaking
somebody for somebody else.

- She's funny that way.
- Thank you, darling!

Well, they'll be leaving
any moment now.

Let's go up front
and see the excitement.

Uh, well, uh,
you know, I'll be right back.

I've got to get some cigars.
Oh, here now, don't bother.
Why, try one of mine.

Someday they'll make
one way cigars.

- Barbara.
- Yes?

Is that or is that not
the woman that we met...

at The Royal Hawaiian?
And I'm sure I've seen this
Mr. Harold someplace before.

Why, you haven't bitten off
the end.

Oh, that's right.
Well, how is the leather
business this morning?