Feet First

Beat you that time.
- Good morning.
- Oh, good morning.

Good morning. We were just
taking a constitutional.

Oh, well,
we were just taking a walk.

I don't believe
I'll do very much walking.

My feet are just killing me.
Come on over here and sit down.
No use torturing your feet.

You ought to have sense enough
to get shoes that fit you.

Well, did you sleep well
last night, Miss Tanner?

What did you say?
Well, I said did you sleep well
last night, Miss Tanner?

Not so good. It was a little
stuffy in my stateroom.

Did it bother you?
Uh, no, no, I had
all the air I could stand.

Let's go down for breakfast.
Oh. No, you see, uh,
I don't think so.

I never eat breakfast.
No, you see,
my father never ate breakfast.

In fact, it runs in the family.
Oh, I hate to eat alone.
I'll have my breakfast
up on deck...

and you can sit with me.
Well, all right. Surely.
- All right. Steward.
- Yes, Ma'am?

I'll have my breakfast
on the upper deck.

Yes, Ma'am.
Come on.
It's funny
you don't eat breakfast.

It's my favorite meal.
Have you been
going without breakfast long?

Well, long enough.
Don't you ever feel tempted
to eat breakfast?

Oh, yes, I do.
But it's willpower.
Oh, indeed, yes.

Say, isn't it nice
eating up here on deck?

Much nicer than the dining room.
You know, last night
I sat opposite to a man...

that had the manners of a zoo.
- He did?
- Yeah, he dunked.