Feet First

No, you see,
my father never ate breakfast.

In fact, it runs in the family.
Oh, I hate to eat alone.
I'll have my breakfast
up on deck...

and you can sit with me.
Well, all right. Surely.
- All right. Steward.
- Yes, Ma'am?

I'll have my breakfast
on the upper deck.

Yes, Ma'am.
Come on.
It's funny
you don't eat breakfast.

It's my favorite meal.
Have you been
going without breakfast long?

Well, long enough.
Don't you ever feel tempted
to eat breakfast?

Oh, yes, I do.
But it's willpower.
Oh, indeed, yes.

Say, isn't it nice
eating up here on deck?

Much nicer than the dining room.
You know, last night
I sat opposite to a man...

that had the manners of a zoo.
- He did?
- Yeah, he dunked.

Think of that, he dunked!
- Dunked?
- Yes.

He dunked like this.
He took a piece of toast...

jammed it down
into his coffee, so.

Got lots of coffee on it,
and then...

Think of that.
Wasn't that terrible?

- Disgusting.
- Yeah, wasn't it?

But he kept right on.
I was sitting right there.
He kept right on.

- Stuck it down in there.
- Oh!

Yeah, like that and took it...
- Wasn't that disgusting?
- Horrible.

I never saw anybody
that would do such a thing.

I could hardly stand...
and then on top of it, look.

He poured his coffee
into his saucer.

Used the backstroke like that.
Then he took the saucer
and went...

He made that noise?
A terrible noise. Oh, well,
I could hardly stand it.

- Disgusting.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, now, look at that.
I drank most of your coffee.

Oh, that's all right.
There's plenty more.

I only want a little.
Oh, well...