Feet First

Yes, he liked that.
Now, let's see.

Now, look at him. Look at him.
Here you are.
Tried to eat my finger, too.
My magazine's gone, and I was
reading a continued story.

All right, don't cry about it!
Sit down
and I'll get you another.

There's a hundred more
at the newsstand.

- Then go get me one.
- All right.

Uh, excuse me, I've, uh...
I've got about a hundred things
I have to take care of.

Oh. Don't be long.
Looking for something
in particular?

Yes. Have you got
an Everywhere magazine?

Yes, right here.
Oh, well, how much are they?
- Five cents.
- Oh, fair enough.

Thank you.
Miss, have you
an Everywhere magazine?

Yes, we have a...
Well, that's funny,
they were here a minute ago.