Feet First

Uh, me-me-me-me.
If a body meets a body
coming through the rye

Dum de dam dam
Doop e doop e
Look, isn't he cute?
Here, give him a piece
of my meat.

Well, my goodness sakes.
That nice ham.
Here you are.
There you are. Nice.
He certainly does like ham.
Mmm, oh, yes,
that's a fine piece.

That's just fine.
Here you are.
Oh, it's a nice dog.
Let's see. Would you like
one of these? Hmm?

Would ya?
Yes, he liked that.
Now, let's see.

Now, look at him. Look at him.
Here you are.
Tried to eat my finger, too.
My magazine's gone, and I was
reading a continued story.

All right, don't cry about it!
Sit down
and I'll get you another.

There's a hundred more
at the newsstand.

- Then go get me one.
- All right.

Uh, excuse me, I've, uh...
I've got about a hundred things
I have to take care of.