Feet First

Oh, look at
those cute little things.

You know, I haven't played
with these since I was a boy.

Look, it's a cute trick.
Easy, huh? You try it.
- Oh, I couldn't.
- Oh, it's easy.

Nothing to it.
Here, you throw one up for me.

There you are.
You're just like a seal.
Yeah, that's what I was told.
When I was a boy I used to go...
You're lots of fun.
Do you know any more tricks?

Uh, me-me-me-me.
If a body meets a body
coming through the rye

Dum de dam dam
Doop e doop e
Look, isn't he cute?
Here, give him a piece
of my meat.

Well, my goodness sakes.
That nice ham.
Here you are.
There you are. Nice.
He certainly does like ham.
Mmm, oh, yes,
that's a fine piece.

That's just fine.
Here you are.
Oh, it's a nice dog.
Let's see. Would you like
one of these? Hmm?

Would ya?