Look! The return of the wanderer.
How are you? - Fine, thanks.

When did
you get back? - Yesterday evening.

Alexander, I' d like to introduce you to a
friend of mine, M. La Bessiere.

Monsieur is a man of the world.
- lt's a pleasure. - A man of the world.

You're French, aren't you? - Yes.
Mrs. Marten. - Are you actually
the painter La Bessiere?

I only paint when I have time.
- He's got as much time as he wants.

He would be a magnificent painter, if he
weren't so rich. Colonel Buchard.

Colonel. - Good evening - Would you
not like to join us? - Here you go.

I' d love to actually,
but is that not Caesar and his wife?

Ajan! - Then excuse me please.
lt's really nice to see you
in Morocco again. - I like it here.

Even in this heat. - lt sure is
hot. - And you, Mdm. Caesar?

What have you been doing? - I' ve just
been bored. We've missed you.

I' m extremely flattered.
Very democratic, your rich friend.
He seeks his friends according to his
own taste. He can afford to.

And what do you know about his wife?
The less one says, the better.