Le Million

Are you Grandpa Tulip?
What can I do for you?
I'm Michel Bouflette.
The owner of the jacket.

What jacket?
The jacket a young lady
lent you this morning,

when you were in bad straits.
I'm here for the jacket
you borrowed from me.

But it was worthless.
This man was wearing
a superb jacket.

I followed him in the street,
I went into his shop
and bought the jacket.

A great artist must pay attention
to the slightest details.

I'm all set to sing "The Bohemians"
in this costume.

Alone are we,
O beloved!
My watch! My watch chain!
But why sell the jacket to a singer
who's going to America?

How should I know?
He said it was for a role.

A role?
Do you know his name?
We bought his watch.
So what if you did?
It may have his name inside.
The watch, son.
Good idea.