Le Million

But it's mine.
So you admit
to being Grandpa Tulip.

No, no. But this man...
Are you or aren't you
Grandpa Tulip?

Then be quiet.
Be quiet.
No, I'm trying to explain...
It's important to me.
Excuse me,
but the watch is mine.

The jacket is mine.
Everything is mine.

The jacket's mine.
Take them away.
My jacket! Let go!
My jacket!
Don't let it get away!
May I go?
Sit down.
Prosper, quick!
The guy there. Sopranelli. He sings
at the Opera Lyrique tonight.

He's got the jacket. Go get it.
At the Opera Lyrique.

What is it?
Sir, here's the person
for the interrogation.

Fine. Go fetch this Tulip fellow.
Just a moment, sir.
It's all right.
So, sir...
Will you release my fare?

Wait outside.
Wait, wait...
And the meter's running...

I can't help you.
Can I go now?
Sit down, you!
Do you know this gentleman?