Little Caesar

And when we split,
we split my way.

- And no squawks. You get me?
- Yeah, sure, Mr. Vettori.

- All right, come on in, meet the boys.
- Sure.

Oh, they're 100 percent, all right.
Every one of them.

There's Tony Passa. Can drive
a car better than any mug in the town.

Otero. He's little,
but he's the goods all right.

Bat Carilla.
Killer Peppi.
Kid Bean.
And this one here, Scabby.
What a smart guy he is.

Come on, Tony. Wake up.
I want you to meet a new guy
what's gonna be with us.

This is...
Caesar Enrico Bandello.
Oh, Little Caesar, huh?
Yeah, sure.
Where did you get
the new dancer, De Voss?

Olga brought him around
a few days ago.

Not bad.
- All right.
- I'll say he is.

Well, I got hold of a real dancer
for a partner, didn't I, Mr. De Voss?

He's an elegant dancer.
We'll panic them after a few rehearsals.

Say, you're not trying to sell him
to me, are you, Olga?

Well, young fella, I guess
100 a week ought to buy you.

That's more than I generally start with.
That's swell with me, even though
it don't buy no limousines.

Gee, thanks, Mr. De Voss.
You'll never be sorry for this.