Why did he go?
To take a course. He went to Paris
a clerk and came back an inspector.

- Inspectors earn a lot of money.
- Monsieur Brun?

They need to, with all those
starched collars they wear.

That's the Saigon.
- How do you know?
- And the Yara's whistle.

What's that?
- That whistle.
- It's the Yara.

Idiot. It's the percolator.
You bought her a coffee?
Want a cup?
There'll be nothing left
for our customers.

You begrudge me a cup of coffee?
- It's the principle of the thing.
- What principle?

Drinking the profits.
You make me look so small.
Make you look small? How?
What do you take me for?
A son who must obey his father.
At his age?
I was 32 when I felt
my father's boot for the last time.

We knew what love and respect were
in those days.

- And a kick in the pants.
- We didn't answer back.

I can't imagine Mother hitting me.
You'd snivel in a corner.
It's a pity your father isn't here
to whip you into shape.

All our children do
is poison our lives.

Poison your life?
I share the work.

Some sharing.
Never here when you're wanted.