Murders in the Rue Morgue

Let’s go in there.
Attention, attention,
ladies and gentlemen.

Step closer. Closer.
Behind this curtain
is the strangest creature

your eyes will ever behold.
Erik, the ape-man!
The monster who walks upright
and speaks a language
even as you and I.

The ruler of the jungle,
whose giant hands
can tear a man in half.

Erik, the ape-man.
The beast with a human soul.
More cunning than a man
and stronger than a lion.
Step up, ladies and gentlemen.
Step right in.

Shall we go into this one?
All right.
Soldiers and children,

Step up,
ladies and gentlemen.

Don’t miss this opportunity.
That’s good.
Let’s go down there.

Oh! Let’s sit
over there, love.

No, mademoiselle,
not there.

Take a seat in front
so that you can see

This gorilla killed six men,
you see.

What a funny-looking man.
He’s a show in himself.
Did you notice his accent?
I wonder where he comes from.
I never heard
an accent like it.

I’m Dr. Mirakle,
messieurs, mesdames.

And I am not
the sideshow charlatan.

So if you expect
to witness the usual
carnival hocus-pocus,

just go to the box office
and get your money back.

I am not exhibiting a freak,
a monstrosity of nature,