Murders in the Rue Morgue

My na...
Oh, I can tell you
who committed the murder

and where you can find him.
An ape.
He’s out of his mind.
If you don’t listen to me now,
you’ll be guilty
of the second murder.

Second murder?
So you know
there has been one?

If you’ll only listen to me,
I’ll explain.

Very well,
tell us what you know.

There were two women
in this room.

The only door
was locked and bolted.

Everybody heard screams
and the sound
of a terrible struggle.

Within two minutes,
the door was broken down.

No one was here.
One of those women
was carried away.

I tell you,
the other one was murdered.

And her body must be
somewhere in this room.

Young man, you know too much.
I arrest you
for the murder of...

Yes, and another murder
may be happening now.

It’s a confession
you wish to make?

No. An accusation.
Dr. Mirakle in the Rue Morgue
is guilty of four murders
so far this week.

And by now, perhaps a fifth.
Do you accuse this doctor?
Dr. Mirakle has
a captive ape.

It committed this crime.
No one man
could have done this.

Three men couldn’t have pushed
that body up the chimney.

I tell you
that ape killed her.

And carried her daughter off
through the window.

You’re insane.
Come on.
Here is proof.
That is not human.
It’s the hair of an ape.