Shanghai Express

- I say, Harvey, you're in for a good time.
- Why?

- Do you know who's on this train?
- No, who?

Shanghai Lily.
Who's Shanghai Lily?
Don't tell me you've never heard of Shanghai Lily?
Everybody in China knows her.
She's a notorious coaster.

What in the name of Confucius is a coaster?
You're hopeless.
A coaster's a woman
who lives by her wits along the China coast.

Newsboy! Here, wait a bit.
This magazine you sold me
says August 15th 1927.

- Latest number, madame.
- But I tell you it's four years old.
- Latest number, madame.

Is it 1931 or am I out of my mind?
Madame, je regrette
mais je ne vous comprends pas.
Je ne parle pas anglais.
Parlez vous fran├žais?

She outta keep it for the history
and get herself an education.

I suppose you will be as glad to be at home as I will.
We know what year it is, don't we?
Now you just be a good boy
and don't make a noise
or they'll put you in the baggage car.

There you are my lad.
All clear 'til we meet No. 2 outside Tientsin.

I'll have the law on you
if you harm a bone in his head.

He's got to have his biscuits twice a day
and nothing but boiled water.