Shanghai Express

I suppose you will be as glad to be at home as I will.
We know what year it is, don't we?
Now you just be a good boy
and don't make a noise
or they'll put you in the baggage car.

There you are my lad.
All clear 'til we meet No. 2 outside Tientsin.

I'll have the law on you
if you harm a bone in his head.

He's got to have his biscuits twice a day
and nothing but boiled water.

Don't worry, Waffles, I'll look after you!
All aboard! All aboard!
Well, we're off on time.
Say, partner, do you ever make a little bet?
My name's Sam Salt.
I bet on everything
under the sun going right or wrong.

I'll lay you odds that this ol' rattler
don't get into Shanghai on time.