Shanghai Express

Don't worry, Waffles, I'll look after you!
All aboard! All aboard!
Well, we're off on time.
Say, partner, do you ever make a little bet?
My name's Sam Salt.
I bet on everything
under the sun going right or wrong.

I'll lay you odds that this ol' rattler
don't get into Shanghai on time.

Sir, let me remind you
that China is in a state of civil war
and we will be fortunate
if we arrive in Shanghai at all.

Nice stone you have there.
There's the mate to it.
Very pretty.
Il fait chaud ici Monsieur, n'est-ca pas?
Yes, it is a little stuffy in here, isn't it?
Sir, I'm an invalid.
It's very dangerous for me
to travel in a compartment
where the windows are open.

We're gonna be in here for three days,
you know. Is there anything I can do for you?

I can take care of myself, thank you.
Well, I think I'll get a little air,
if you don't mind.

I'll close the door for you too.