Shanghai Express

Well, sir, my name is Donald Harvey,
Doctor of Medicine in the service of his Majesty.

It's charming to make your acquaintance sir.
Doctor Harvey, I want to put you on your guard!
On my guard, why what's wrong?
One of them is yellow and the other is white,
but both their souls are rotten.

You interest me, Mr Carmichael.
I'm not exactly irreligious, but...

being a physician I sometimes wonder
how a man like you can locate a soul;
and having located it diagnose its condition as rotten.

That's heathen talk doctor. You're a materialist!
Any man with half an eye should be able to see
that those two woman are riding this train in search of victims.

That's a pretty grave charge Mr. Carmichael.
I don't know anything about the Chinese woman
but as for the other lady...

Why confound it, sir, that's Shanghai Lily.
For the last fortnight I have been attending a man
who went out of his mind after spending every penny on her.

And that's not all I know,
she's wrecked a dozen men up and down the China coast.

You're mistaken, sir. She's a friend of mine.
Well sir, if I were in your boots, I wouldn't brag about it.
Dinner is served.
Well, I'm ready.
I was hoping that you would take us in to dinner.
You seem upset, Doctor.
Oh, no. Not at all.
This is Captain Harvey. Miss Hui Fei.
I am glad to meet you, Captain Harvey.
It's a great pleasure.
Good evening, folks.
Good evening.
It's time to put on the nose bag.
I'll wait for you in the diner.
Bon appetit, mademoiselle
Merci beaucoup, monsieur.
Bon appetit, monsieur