Shanghai Express

It's Mr. Chang. All dressed up in a soldier's uniform.
I know what he wants me for.
And I told him a China man had no future.
Do you mean to say that it's Mr. Chang
who's responsible for this outrage?

Indeed he is. The scoundrel.
Imagine his impudence asking me
if I had any wealthy or influential friends.

I told you so.
I knew they were holding us for ransom.

I thought his face seemed familiar.
The government has offered a price of twenty thousand
for his capture alive or dead.

It'll be a great day for China when that price is paid.
Mr. Eric Baum.
He's the headman alright.
It's bad for my heart to climb these stairs up.
Verdammte Treppe

I'm an invalid!
Did he get the jewels, Mr. Salt?
Oh, what a shame.
Well, he didn't take them after all.
He got the phony ones.
These are phony too.
The real ones are in the safe in Shanghai.
I suppose they're imitation also.
You don't want to make a bet on that, do you lady?
- I never bet with gamblers.
- I didn't think you did.

What is your business, Mr. Baum?
I have a coal mine near Calcutta.
A bankrupt coal mine.

You have no coal mine.
According to papers found in your luggage,
you deal in opium.

And have shipped twelve thousand pounds of it
into China in the last year.

You're wrong. I deal only in coal.
I don't traffic in forbidden merchandise.

Do you know that a Chinaman dealing in opium
is penalized by death?

You can't shoot me.
I'm willing to pay a fine.
I can explain everything.