Shanghai Express

I hope the journey won't be too lonely
and that the Governor-General of Shanghai
will be benefited by your skill.

Thank you, Mr. Chang.
I hope someday to have the pleasure
of demonstrating my skill upon you.

Captain Harvey. My name's Albright, Division Superintendent.
I've all smoothed the train at your convenience.
We'll have steam up in five minutes.

Alright Mr. Albright, is everybody on board?
Everybody except a Chinese girl
and a woman called Shanghai Lily hereabouts.

Where are they?
I don't know where the Chinese girl is,
but Shanghai Lily is somewhere up there?

When did she go up?
Oh, just a few minutes ago.
I expect she'll be down presently.

- I guess he wants us to go in the train.
- Well, why doesn't he say so?

Whose luggage are you unloading?
Miss Lily's bags. Officers orders, sir.
Officer's orders, eh?
I'm going to find out about this.
Get the train ready to leave.