Shanghai Express

Oh, dear we'll never get out of here alive.
Oh, I don't know.
It just looks like Shanghai Lily
was taking a little side trip.

Why did you order the luggage
of one of our passengers off the train?

You're not referring to the lady
known as Shanghai Lily?

I am. Where is she?
Why are you detaining her?

I'm not detaining her.
She's decided to come with me in preference
to continuing the journey with you, Captain Harvey.

That's a preposterous statement.
You're lying Mr. Chang.

Well I'm sorry to contradict you.
Your friend seems inclined to doubt me.
Tell him you're going with me of your own free will,
so that he can peacefully take his departure
before I become too annoyed with him.

You'd better go, Donald.
I decided to accept his offer.

Well, I wish you both a very pleasant journey.
Well, that's that.
I'll only be another minute.