Dinner at Eight

Dan Packard owns the best shipping line
between here and the tropics...

and Mr. Oliver Jordan is out on his ear.
We're invited there for dinner
next Friday night...

and l'm going to wear my new silver
with the white fox.

- We're not going. That's out.
- How do you get that way?

- Why not?
- l can't go and eat his dinner.

lf he's a sucker, that's his funeral.
No. Presidents in Washington
and all those rummies...

but you can't go anywheres with me.
Once in our life,
we get asked to a classy house.

l got a new dress to knock their eye out
and we're going!

- We're not going!
- We are so, you big crook!

You pull a dirty deal
and it ruins my social chances!

- You can't get away with it!
- Go lay an egg.

Kitty wants to go see
all the great big lords and ladies...

in their big, beautiful house.
lt's for Lord and Lady Ferncliffe.
- Who said so?
- She did.

Why didn't you say so in the first place?
Because you were mean
to poor little Kitty.

Ferncliffe, you know who he is?
He's the richest man in England.

- Goody, you'll go?
- Certainly l'll go.

l've been trying to meet him for two years.
That ties up with the Jordan stuff.

- See, and l did it for you.
- You know what l'll do?

l'll buy up that Jordan stock
through dummies.

l'll use Baldridge and Whitestone,
fellows like that.

- Keep my name out of it.
- Out of what?