Las Hurdes

The white building is the school, built recently.
On its sloping streets we encounter daily life.
Strange, but we never heard anyone singing in Las Hurdes.
A miserable rivulet...
...runs through the village
down from the hills.

In summer, water in scarce.
The villagers are obliged to use
this filthy water.

Strange things go on here.
The rivulet serves many purposes.
Three children eat a slice of bread dipped in water.
Until recently bread was almost unheard of here.
It was given them by their teacher...
...who makes the children eat in his presence...
...fearing their parents will take it from them if they take it home.
The children are summoned to school.
These ragged, barefoot urchins receive the same education...
:07:49 children the world over.
Clothing is brought back by Hurdanos who leave...
...each summer for Castilla and Andalusia.
They go there mainly to beg.