Las Hurdes

Three children eat a slice of bread dipped in water.
Until recently bread was almost unheard of here.
It was given them by their teacher...
...who makes the children eat in his presence...
...fearing their parents will take it from them if they take it home.
The children are summoned to school.
These ragged, barefoot urchins receive the same education...
:07:49 children the world over.
Clothing is brought back by Hurdanos who leave...
...each summer for Castilla and Andalusia.
They go there mainly to beg.
When they return, they exchange clothing for potatoes.
These hungry children...
...are learning algebra.
In some villages of Las Hurdes most of the children are orphans.
They are abandoned children whom the women of Las Hurdes...
...bring back from Public Assistance in Cuidad Rodrigo...
...a two-day walk away across the hills.
The women raise the children in exchange for 15 pesetas a month.
This miserable sum is enough for an entire family...
.. until the not-so-distant day when the practice is outlawed.