Las Hurdes

When they return, they exchange clothing for potatoes.
These hungry children...
...are learning algebra.
In some villages of Las Hurdes most of the children are orphans.
They are abandoned children whom the women of Las Hurdes...
...bring back from Public Assistance in Cuidad Rodrigo...
...a two-day walk away across the hills.
The women raise the children in exchange for 15 pesetas a month.
This miserable sum is enough for an entire family...
.. until the not-so-distant day when the practice is outlawed.
An unexpected and shocking picture we saw in the school.
Who could have made this absurd engraving?
We opened at random a book of maxims we found on a table.
One of the best students
writes on a slate...

:09:21 of the book's maxims.
It's the same the world over: "Respect other people's property!"
In this relatively fertile valley...
...there are some walnut, cherry and olive trees.
This is the village of Martilandran.
The shapes between the trees,
resembling the shell of some mythical animal...