Las Hurdes

An unexpected and shocking picture we saw in the school.
Who could have made this absurd engraving?
We opened at random a book of maxims we found on a table.
One of the best students
writes on a slate...

:09:21 of the book's maxims.
It's the same the world over: "Respect other people's property!"
In this relatively fertile valley...
...there are some walnut, cherry and olive trees.
This is the village of Martilandran.
The shapes between the trees,
resembling the shell of some mythical animal...

...are just the roof tiles of the village.
Entering the village, we are greeted by a chorus of coughing.
Most of the villagers are ill.
It's a scene of devastating misery.
The principle disease here is goitre.
Look at this woman with her goitre:
She's only 32 years old.
We visit the village in the company of the mayor.
On an empty street we see a girl.
We ask the mayor what's wrong with her.