Las Hurdes

The utensils are primitive and few.
The smoke escapes where it can. There's no chimney or windows.
In summer the water courses run almost dry.
This leads to malaria brought by anophelese mosquitos.
Almost everyone in Las Hurdes has malaria.
A battle against the disease is being fought...
:19:42 doctors in the three "Trading Posts" of Las Hurdes.
The larvae have to rise to the surface to breathe.
If it stays parallel to the surface it's anophelese.
If it stays perpendicular, it's a culex larva: and harmless.
The adult anophelese is found in every home.
See how it rests perpendicular to the wall.
The outcome of an anophelese bite.
This man has a fever.
We encounter many sick people in the streets.
This sick woman on a balcony is unaware of our presence.
Balconies are rare...
:20:42 Las Hurdes.
There are many dwarfs and cretins in Las Altas Hurdes.
Their families usually employ them as goat herds.
Some are dangerous.
They flee from other people or attack them with stones.