Las Hurdes

The outcome of an anophelese bite.
This man has a fever.
We encounter many sick people in the streets.
This sick woman on a balcony is unaware of our presence.
Balconies are rare...
:20:42 Las Hurdes.
There are many dwarfs and cretins in Las Altas Hurdes.
Their families usually employ them as goat herds.
Some are dangerous.
They flee from other people or attack them with stones.
They are found at nightfall in the hills...
:21:04 they return to their village.
We found it very hard to film them.
The realism of a painting by
Zurbaran or Ribera...

:21:13 nothing to reality itself.
The degenaration of these people is caused mainly by hunger...
...lack of hygiene, poverty and incest.
The shortest person here is 28 years old.
An older cretin.