She Done Him Wrong

And I'm doing a stretch with rats and bugs
so you can have them.

It's all right.
As long as you're on the level.
But if you ain't, I can find out.

Don't forget that. I can find out.
And I can get out.
If you've been double-crossing me,
you'll pay for it.

Every day, every minute
of this stretch, you're gonna pay for.

Don't talk like that, Chick. I've been working.
Working? Working who?
Singing at Gus Jordan's.
- Gus Jordan's?
- It ain't what you think.

You haven't been seeing
anything of Dan Flynn, have you?

No, why do you ask about him?
Nothing. Just got a score...
to settle up with him when I get out.
What I want to know is are you
playing me on the square or ain't you...

- because if you ain't...
- There'll be a death in my family?

Is that it?

Then I'll be back in here again.
But you won't be coming around to see me.
What's the use of making
a lot of trouble for yourself, Chick?

If I can wait a year, you can wait a year.
You mean that you'll wait for me?
Why, that ain't nothing
when you got willpower like me.

- Time's up.
- Have a heart.

They ain't seen each other in a year.
Give them time.

What for? Ready?
Goodbye, Chick.
It's been good to see you again.

I can't let you go, Lou.
I hate to leave you.
Don't worry. I'll be true to you.
I trust you. I trust you because I love you.
You're mine.

I'm telling you again,
if you ever double-cross me...

if you ever let another man
come between us...

I'll kill you.
Goodbye, Chick.
I'll remember to be good for you.

I can't wait.