She Done Him Wrong

What's the use of making
a lot of trouble for yourself, Chick?

If I can wait a year, you can wait a year.
You mean that you'll wait for me?
Why, that ain't nothing
when you got willpower like me.

- Time's up.
- Have a heart.

They ain't seen each other in a year.
Give them time.

What for? Ready?
Goodbye, Chick.
It's been good to see you again.

I can't let you go, Lou.
I hate to leave you.
Don't worry. I'll be true to you.
I trust you. I trust you because I love you.
You're mine.

I'm telling you again,
if you ever double-cross me...

if you ever let another man
come between us...

I'll kill you.
Goodbye, Chick.
I'll remember to be good for you.

I can't wait.
I wonder what Chick's got
against Dan Flynn?

I ain't never told you, Lou...
but Flynn is the main guy
what helped send Chick up here.

I ain't never had no use
for that mug ever since.

- So Flynn did that?
- Yeah.

Darling, I am growing old
Silver threads
among the gold
Shine upon my brow today
Life is fading fast away
Not in your beer, dearie. Not in your beer.