She Done Him Wrong

You mean, how much if I'm selling,
or how much if I'm paying taxes?

I mean how much for cash?
Now stop multiplying.
I don't want to buy the Bowery.

I was going to ask $25,000 for that building.
My own brother couldn't buy it for $20,000.
- But for you, I'll make it $15,000.
- Well, I'll give you $12,000.

Oy, gevalt!
$12,000. Never.
All right.

All right.

Wait. Is that all cash?
No mortgage goes with it?

Here's your $12,000.
How do I know it is?
Because I say so. You never heard of me
cheating anyone, did you?

No. Not about money.
Now, listen, that sounds like a slam.
But coming from you, I'll let it pass.
Handle them with care.
They're only my heart.

And what a heart you've got, Miss Lou.
I'll tell you what I want you to do.
Come and make up the papers.

And make it appear like the mission
bought the building themselves.

I don't want to be mixed up in it.
We want Lou!
Hurry up, the place is jammed
with all the society folks.

I hope they tuned that piano.
Our Lady Lou is here