She Done Him Wrong

I'll tell you what I want you to do.
Come and make up the papers.

And make it appear like the mission
bought the building themselves.

I don't want to be mixed up in it.
We want Lou!
Hurry up, the place is jammed
with all the society folks.

I hope they tuned that piano.
Our Lady Lou is here
Ever since Miss Susan Johnson
She lost her jockey, Lee

There's been much excitement
and more to be

You can hear her moaning from early morn
I wonder where my Easy Rider's gone
I wonder where my Easy Rider's gone
If he was here he'd win the race
If not first he'd get a place
I never saw that jockey
trailing anyone before

I'm losing all my money
that's why I'm blue

If that boy was here
he'd sure know what to do