It Happened One Night

- There's a seat over there for you.
- What's the idea?

I'd like to sit next to my wife,
if you don't mind.

- Your wife?
- Yes.

Come on.
Yeah. Sure, excuse me.
You know, I was just...

Sure. Excuse me, miss.
I was just trying to make things pleasant.

Excuse me, I...
I didn't mean anything, Doc.
- No offence, Doc.
- No.

If you promise not to snap my head off,
I'd like to thank you.

Forget it. I didn't do it for you.
His voice gets on my nerves.

What'd you do all day?
Ran in and out of doorways.
Trying to keep out of the rain.

Your clothes are all wet.
You're as helpless as a baby.
Thank you.
Here you are, folks. Cigars, cigarettes,
chewing gum, candy, magazines.

Here, boy.
- Yes, ma'am.
- A box of chocolates, please.

- Never mind. She doesn't want it.
- But...

- Of course, I do. What do you mean?
- Beat it.

Well, you've got your nerve. Here, boy!
You had $4 last night.
How will you get to New York at this rate?
That's none of your business.
You're on a budget from now on.
- Just a minute. You can't...
- Shut up.