It Happened One Night

- What's the matter, officer?
- Bridge washed out.

Looks like we can't get through
till morning.

If any passengers want a place to sleep...
:22:09'll find an auto camp
up yonder a piece.

- Where?
- Right over there. See those lights?

Dyke's Auto camp.
All right, thanks. Hey, brat.
Are you talking to me?
Yeah. Come on,
we're stopping here for the night.

Hey! Come on, we're all set.
Good evening. Hope you
and your husband rest comfortable.

Come on! What are you going to do,
stay out there all night?

Darn clever, these Armenians?
Yeah, it's a gift.
I just had the unpleasant sensation
of hearing you referred to as my husband.

Yeah. I forgot to tell you about that.
I registered as Mr. And Mrs.

You did?
What am I expected to do? Leap for joy?
I kind of half expected you to thank me.
Your ego is absolutely colossal.
Yeah, it's not bad. How's yours?