It Happened One Night

Come on! What are you going to do,
stay out there all night?

Darn clever, these Armenians?
Yeah, it's a gift.
I just had the unpleasant sensation
of hearing you referred to as my husband.

Yeah. I forgot to tell you about that.
I registered as Mr. And Mrs.

You did?
What am I expected to do? Leap for joy?
I kind of half expected you to thank me.
Your ego is absolutely colossal.
Yeah, it's not bad. How's yours?
You know, compared to you,
my friend Shapeley's an amateur.

Just whatever gave you any idea
I'd stand for this?

Now wait a minute.
Let's get this straightened out right now.

If you're nursing any silly notion
that I'm interested in you, forget it.

You're just a headline to me.
A headline?
You're not a newspaper man, are you?
Chalk up one for your side.
Now listen. You want to
get to King Westley, don't you?

All right, I'm here to help you.
What I want is your story.

Exclusive. A day-to-day account.
All about your mad fight to happiness.

I need that story.
Between you and me, I've got to have it.

Isn't that just too cute.
There's a brain behind that face of yours,
isn't there?

You've got everything nicely figured out
for yourself. Including this.