It Happened One Night

You know, compared to you,
my friend Shapeley's an amateur.

Just whatever gave you any idea
I'd stand for this?

Now wait a minute.
Let's get this straightened out right now.

If you're nursing any silly notion
that I'm interested in you, forget it.

You're just a headline to me.
A headline?
You're not a newspaper man, are you?
Chalk up one for your side.
Now listen. You want to
get to King Westley, don't you?

All right, I'm here to help you.
What I want is your story.

Exclusive. A day-to-day account.
All about your mad fight to happiness.

I need that story.
Between you and me, I've got to have it.

Isn't that just too cute.
There's a brain behind that face of yours,
isn't there?

You've got everything nicely figured out
for yourself. Including this.

This? Well, that's a matter
of simple mathematics.

These cabins cost $2 a night.
I'm very sorry to inform you, wifey dear...

...but the family purse won't stand
for our having separate establishment.

Thank you very much, sir.
You've been very kind.

It's all right with me.
Go on out in the storm.

But I'm going to follow you.
And if you get tough, I'll just have to turn
you over to your old man. Right now.

Savvy? That's my whole plot in a nutshell.
A simple story for simple people.
You behave yourself,
I'll see you get to King Westley.

If not,
I'll just have to spill the beans to Papa.

Now, which of these beds do you prefer?
This one? All right.