It Happened One Night

Nurses, governesses, chaperones,
even bodyguards. It's been a lot of fun.

One consolation,
you can never get lonesome.

It has its moments. It's become a sort of
game, trying to outwit father's detectives.

I did once. Actually went shopping
without a bodyguard.

It was swell. I felt absolutely immoral.
It didn't last long,
they found me in a department store.

I was so mad, I ran out the back way
and jumped into the first car I saw.

Guess who was in it?
Santa Claus?
King Westley was in it.
- Is that how you met him?
- Yes.

We rode around all afternoon.
Father was frantic.

By 6:00,
he was having all the rivers dragged.

Where'd you learn to dunk,
in finishing school?

Now don't you start telling me
I shouldn't dunk.

Of course you shouldn't.
You don't know how.

Dunking is an art. Don't let it soak so long.
A dip and sock, into your mouth.

You leave it in too long,
it gets soft and falls off.

It's all a matter of timing.
I'll write a book about it.

Thanks, professor.
Just goes to show you. $20 million,
and you don't know how to dunk.

I'd change places with
a plumber's daughter any day.

How do I know who you are?
I never saw you before.

You can't go around bothering my tenants.
There's no girl by that name here.

How do I know you're detectives?
Show him your credentials, Mac.
That's father at work. Peter, what'll I do?
Maybe I can jump out of the window.
They won't see me.

Get yourself all mussed up.
Get your hair down over your eyes
and undo your buttons.

I got a letter from Aunt Bella last week.
She said if we don't stop over
in Wilkes-Barre, she'll never forgive us.

What are you talking about?
The baby's due next month.
They want us to come.

She saw your sister on the street
the other day. Said she's looking swell.

Come in.
I hope Aunt Bella has a boy, don't you?