It Happened One Night

Coast-to-coast hook up.
Offer a reward of...

...$10,000 for information
on her whereabouts.

Clark, send the story
to all of the newspapers.

Some out-of-town papers
may not have a picture of her.

Wire this to them.
I want the story to break right away.

Now we'll get some action!
Fine, that's fine.
You know that one
about the man who flew on the trapeze?

"Once I was happy
but now I'm forlorn

"Like an old coat
that is tattered and torn

"Left in this wide world
to weep and to mourn

"Betrayed by a maid in her teens
"This maid that I loved
she was handsome

"And I tried all I knew how to please
"But I never could please her
one-quarter so well

"As the man on the flying trapeze
"He flies through the air
with the greatest of ease

"The daring young man
on the flying trapeze

"His actions are graceful,
all the girls he does please

"And my love he has stolen away"
I know the second verse there.