It Happened One Night

I'm starting to think
you couldn't find your way home.

This is the last session...
- Yeah?
- Telegram for you.

- Bring it in.
- Another wire from Peter Warne.

Warne? Throw it in the wastebasket.
Wait a minute. What does it say?

"Have I got a story. Stop.
It's getting hotter and hotter. Stop.

"Hope you're the same."
- Collect?
- Yes.

- Lf you accept another one, you're fired.
- Yes, sir.

And that gives me an idea for all of you.
I want action, Lovington, action.
- We can't do the impossible.
- It isn't impossible.

She's somewhere between here and Miami.
I want her found.

- I put extra men on, the whole way.
- That's not enough.

Send in Clark and Brown.
- You sure she isn't with King Westley?
- No.

He's being trailed 24 hours a day.
He can't even get a phone call
we don't know about.

I'm worried. After all,
something might have happened to her.

I don't think so.
Brown, arrange a radio broadcast.
Coast-to-coast hook up.
Offer a reward of...

...$10,000 for information
on her whereabouts.

Clark, send the story
to all of the newspapers.

Some out-of-town papers
may not have a picture of her.

Wire this to them.
I want the story to break right away.

Now we'll get some action!
Fine, that's fine.
You know that one
about the man who flew on the trapeze?