It Happened One Night

There ain't an ounce of
brains in your family.

Peter Warne, you've gone far enough!
- Shut up!
- You see what you've done?

Sorry, but you see,
we've gotta check up on everybody.

We're looking for a girl
named Ellen Andrews.

Daughter of that big Wall Street mogul.
Too bad you're not looking for
a plumber's daughter.

Quit bawling!
I told you they were a perfectly
nice married couple.

You weren't bad, jumping in like that.
- You've got a brain.
- You're not so bad, yourself.

We could start a two-people
stock company.

Things get tough,
we'll play to small town auditoriums.

We'll call this one, "The Great Deception."
What about "Cinderella" or
a real hot love story?

No, too mushy.
I like mushy stuff.
Quit bawling!
Bus leaves in five minutes!
- What?
- Your bus leaves in five minutes.

Holy smoke, we're not even packed yet.
I'm starting to think
you couldn't find your way home.

This is the last session...
- Yeah?
- Telegram for you.

- Bring it in.
- Another wire from Peter Warne.

Warne? Throw it in the wastebasket.
Wait a minute. What does it say?

"Have I got a story. Stop.
It's getting hotter and hotter. Stop.

"Hope you're the same."
- Collect?
- Yes.

- Lf you accept another one, you're fired.
- Yes, sir.

And that gives me an idea for all of you.
I want action, Lovington, action.
- We can't do the impossible.
- It isn't impossible.

She's somewhere between here and Miami.
I want her found.

- I put extra men on, the whole way.
- That's not enough.

Send in Clark and Brown.
- You sure she isn't with King Westley?
- No.

He's being trailed 24 hours a day.
He can't even get a phone call
we don't know about.

I'm worried. After all,
something might have happened to her.

I don't think so.
Brown, arrange a radio broadcast.