It Happened One Night

Let's get away from here
and talk this over privately.

I knew she wasn't your wife all the time.
Lucky thing, my running into you.
Just the man I need.

- You made no mistake, believe me.
- I can use a smart guy like you.

- When you're talking to old man Shapeley...
- Can you make a gat?

A gat. A rod.
- Got any fireworks on you?
- No.

I got a couple of machine guns
in my suitcase. I'll give you one of them.

May have trouble up north.
Have to shoot it out with the cops.

If you manage, those five G's
are as good as in the bag. Maybe more.

I'll talk to the Killer, he'll take care of you.
Yeah. The big boy. The boss of the outfit.
You're not kidnapping her, are you?
What else, stupid? You don't think
we're after that penny-ante reward?

$10, 000? Chicken feed.
Now listen, we're holding that dame
for a million smackers.

Say, I didn't know it was anything like this.
You see, I've got...

What's the matter? You getting yellow?
I'm a married man. I got a couple of kids.
I can't afford to get...

Pipe down your mug before I...
What are you trying to do,
tell the whole world about it?

Listen, you're into this thing
and you're staying in, get me?

You know too much.
I won't say anything, honest I won't.
How do I know that?
I got a notion to plug you.

- Why should I take a chance with you?
- Trust me, mister. I'll keep my mouth shut.

What's your name?
Oscar Shapeley.
- Where do you live?
- Orange, New Jersey.

Got a couple of kids?
Yes, sir. Just babies.
A little golden-haired girl.

- You love them, don't you?
- Yes, I do.

You wouldn't. You're not thinking of...
- You keep your trap shut, all right?
- Sure.

- Lf you don't...
- I'll keep my trap shut. I will.

You ever hear of Bugs Dooley?
Bugs Dooley? No.
He was a nice guy, just like you.
And he made a big mistake one day.